We created to enable  businesses to access cover for specific risk needs.  Our mission is to support business growth by giving companies the confidence to trade without threat of debtor default, while empowering UK SME's/PLC's to develop securely in an unpredictable commercial credit risk world.

Decisions Made By Real People

Our providers don't use a ‘computer-says-no’ algorithm and get to know each and every business when making cover decisions.  In most cases debtors will be known and a decision regarding cover can be made quickly, this is particularly useful in a new business situation where you have no historic dealings with the  debtor, or existing customer where exposure is higher.

Insurance ethos of old

Our flexible approach is based on the insurance ethos of old, which is about getting to know customers. That’s why our partners give you your own dedicated relationship manager dealing with any queries claims or new cover requests.

Flexibility (That’s How We Roll)

Flexibility is at the core of everything we do and we’ll bend over backwards to support SME's. Our partners options come with flexible features, transparent pricing and no nonsense.  Can they obtain cover? if so, what are the costs & terms? that's what clients really want to know. 

Fast Insurance At Your Fingertips

Our lightning-fast initial application process means that after you apply online you could receive a decision within hours from our partners. Once approved and after your agreement is signed cover would be confirmed in  many cases the very same day! 

Click to Apply

There’s absolutely no arrangement fee you pay a premium for specific debtor cover therefore knowing the total amount to be paid from the outset.